June 2014

June is Men’s Health Month! Get Involved Today – Click To Learn More

Why it’s important to pay attention to sperm Did you know that a man’s fertility is a good indicator of his overall health? Recent studies have shown that sperm count is linked to life expectancy.  Why?  If a man has a high number of good healthy sperm, he is likely to also have:

Balanced hormone levels
Proper nutrition
Minimal […]

May 2014

The Stork Launches in the UK – May 2014

We are thrilled to announce that The Stork conception aid is now available to purchase in the UK. Today, 1 in 7 couples has difficulty conceiving in the UK. Many couples have to wait 2 years before they will be offered IVF treatment on the NHS. We’re delighted to launch The Stork in the […]

March 2014

Helping to break the silence! RESOLVE’s Walk of Hope in Houston, TX.

Resolve’s 2014 Texas Walk of Hope proved that those struggling with infertility don’t stand alone.  Over the course of the morning we had the privilege to talk to many individuals and groups of people who chose to donate their time and money to raising awareness about those struggling with infertility, and advocating the need […]

February 2014

Join Rinovum at the RESOLVE Walk of Hope in Houston, Texas

We are proud partners of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and excited to be joining them this year for the Walks of Hope. The three walks will be held in the following cities: Houston, Texas, Scottsdale, Arizona and Washington, D.C. The first one will be on February 23rd in Houston, Texas at the Sugarland […]

October 2013

So how does The Stork® work?

One of the most frequent questions we get from many of you is “how does The Stork work?”. What a great question! The Stork uses cervical cap insemination to aid in conception. Well now you might be asking “Well, what is cervical cap insemination”?

Cervical cap insemination has been used by healthcare providers for decades to help people with becoming […]

National Infertility Awareness Week in the UK: 28.10.13 – 3.11.13

Today marks the beginning of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) in the UK. Approximately 3.5 million people in the UK are struggling with trying to become pregnant, that’s 1 in 6! NIAW was created to encourage the community to start the conversation and get more people talking about infertility. While NIAW officially runs from the 28th of […]

The Stork at ASRM (Oct.12th-17th)

All of us at Rinovum are pretty excited for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting starting today in Boston. Be sure to stop by Booth #344!

-Meet the CEO and Founder of Rinovum Womens’ Health, Stephen Bollinger.

-Learn about The Stork and how the product can help patients early in their treatment path.

-See live […]

The Stork is “hopping across the pond” – Coming soon to the UK!

The Stork has received CE mark (European Conformance). The CE mark will allow for Rinovum to bring The Stork to Europe and other markets that recognize the CE mark. The Stork is a take-home conception aid designed to assist couples with becoming pregnant from the privacy of home.

“As Rinovum delivers The Stork under a prescription […]

September 2013

Rinovum at Women’s Health Conversations – 9/12/13

We couldn’t be more excited to be attending AND exhibiting at Women’s Health Conversations tomorrow, Sept. 12 at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh!  Rinovum will have a table in the exhibit hall where we will be displaying The Stork conception aid.

The Stork was designed to assist couples who are trying to become pregnant. The […]

July 2013

How low? Low Sperm Count & Male-Factor Fertility Issues

Do you know what some of the most common causes of male fertility issues are? Low sperm count (oligospermia), low sperm motility (how the sperm moves), and morphology. A diagnosis of male factor fertility can be very hard for many men given the sensitivity of the diagnosis. When most people have trouble with getting […]